EXO Suho’s 'Hurdle' becomes background music for Dubai’s 'IMAGINE SHOW'

SEOUL, could twenty seven (Yonhap) – K-pop boy cluster EXO’s leader Suho(real name Kim Jun-myeon)‘s solo song “Hurdle” are going to be vie in urban center for a year. 

The agency SM diversion proclaimed on could twenty seven, “A B-side track ‘Hurdle’ on Suho’s second mini album has been selected  because the initial K-pop song to be vie at Dubai’s ‘IMAGINE SHOW.’” 

The song are going to be vie because the background music for the best water show “IMAGINE SHOW,” which can be control at urban center pageant Bay before of urban center pageant town Mall for a year from could twenty eight. 

“IMAGINE SHOW,” that started in 2016, is one in all the best attractions in urban center. 

The show, that options over seventy color projectors, LED light, lasers, and drone, is understood because the spectacular diversion attraction that maintains a 360-degree exhibit. 

The agency explained, “Following EXO’s hit song ‘Power’ from 2018 that was selected  as a song for Dubai’s fountain show for the primary time as a Korean song, Suho’s solo song will be vie in urban center.”

Suho can hold a live performance in urban center pageant town Mall on could twenty seven. He will watch “IMAGINE SHOW” on could twenty eight. 

The singer debuted as a pacesetter and lead player of EXO in 2012 and actor nice attention in peninsula. 

Moreover, Suho has performed as associate actor by major in movies “The Present” and “Student A,” and conjointly free his solo album “Grey Suit,” wherever he participated in coming up with ideas and writing lyrics for all tracks, in April.

(This article is translated from Korean to English by Kim Sun Min.)


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