The iPhone will accept USB-C in the future, but not this year.

Apple is experimenting with new iPhone styles that do away with the Lightning port, that has been utilized in the iPhone and alternative Apple product since 2012. the choice to prevent this association commonplace would enable the corporation to homogenise its product catalogue whereas conjointly avoiding a legal struggle with the ecu Union, that is finalising legislation which will force the employment of those connections all told electronic product. 

Apple can switch to the new port on iPhones in 2023, consistent with TF International financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, WHO works with many vendors in Apple’s provide chain. 

Before USB-C was fictional, Apple introduced the Lightning association, that had many benefits over this different association commonplace, Micro USB, together with the usage of a reversible connecter and also the ability to use direct audio channels instead of simply audio channels. data. 

Many of the benefits of Lightning nonexistent with the introduction of USB-C, a customary on that Apple participated. though the connecter remains easier to supply and has higher water resistance, Apple are able to supply faster affiliation rates, one charging resolution for all of its product, and compatibility with connections from alternative makers by change to USB-C. 

Some of the company’s product lines have already begun to travel during this direction. for instance, iPads have used Lightning since 2012, however the most recent models have already switched to USB-C. though the newer Macbook professional models supply a supplemental MagSafe magnetic charging port, USB-C has long been the quality affiliation on Macs, even for charging. 

Apple’s intentions relating to Lightning within the case of the iPhone were questioned by analysts. many of us anticipated the business would pack up the port fully. For years, wireless charging has been out there with Qi-standard chargers, and there square measure even techniques to transfer knowledge wirelessly within the event that the phone needs service. 

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone can arrive with associate degree adapter to permit users to continue mistreatment accessories that need the Lightning connecter.

[If existing European legislation succeeds, the decision will prevent Apple from having to build a specific model of iPhone for the European Union’s territory. The business has fought Brussels’ attempts to standardise the charging standard by requiring only chargers, not devices, to use USB-C as a connector. 

Apple supports this option, claiming that requiring a specific connection on the device stifles innovation. For example, if Europe had mandated the same with Micro USB (as it originally recommended), USB-C development and adoption would have been significantly slowed. 

The European Commission decided to amend the regulations so that no manufacturer would have been able to include a USB-C port in phones, at least not as an exclusive connector.]

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