Have your eyes set on the upcoming iPhone 14? Leaks suggest new Apple device may retain iPhone 13 design

A lot is being same regarding Apple’s coming line-up, the iPhone fourteen series. If things go as planned, Apple could introduce its iPhone fourteen line-up on Sep thirteen. Noted advisor, LeaksApplePro, has hinted that the Cupertino-based school large can probably launch the smartphones on the mentioned date. However, a brand new development has kicked up a storm among Apple fans. 

LeaksApplePro in its latest journal post has warned users that Apple is probably going to rebadge recent elements to create iPhone fourteen and iPhone fourteen GHB models. The advisor had shared the chance earlier in March. 

The development has raised considerations among Apple fans World Health Organization feel that the school large could trick them into thinking that they're going to get a stronger upset the iPhone fourteen line-up. 

The journal post claims that the iPhone fourteen can look a twin of the iPhone thirteen. the author goes on to mention that users won't be able to notice the distinction even when keeping the devices next to every different.

"The iPhone fourteen are dissatisfactory for a few folks in many ways," argues the source. "For starters, it'll look a twin of the iPhone thirteen. that is right, notwithstanding you were to place those devices next to every different, you would not notice the distinction unless you went into its settings," browse the post.

The journal post conjointly explicit  that the iPhone fourteen can go with associate A15 processor with an occasion that it might be rebranded as associate A16. However, the sole consolation to Apple fans per the post is that the iPhone fourteen and iPhone fourteen GHB are priced at USD 799 (about Rs sixty two,177) and USD 899 (about Rs sixty nine,960) severally.

In all probability, the professional models within the iPhone fourteen line-up can get a brand new style and large camera upgrades. The journal explicit  that the entry-level storage on professional models would be 256GB in contrast to the iPhone thirteen professional models beginning at 128GB. The recent leaks on styles and specifications of the iPhone fourteen appear to possess prompted several users to attend or grab the present iPhone thirteen.

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