No, Zendaya Is Not Pregnant

 Despite what TikTok might have you ever believe, Zendaya isn't pregnant. thus why do such a lot of folks seem to be below the impression that she and Tom The Netherlands area unit having a baby?

It started, like such a lot of things do, with the Kardashians. Specifically dagger doc, United Nations agency is that the organism for a replacement TikTok furor wherever users spout numerous made-up items of reports then tell viewers they’ve been #Krissed, i.e., the “news” is faux. Most of them area unit associated with the private lives of celebrities — gestation rumors, new couples, divorces — and a few area unit protected with “evidence,” typically within the variety of Instagram screenshots emended to form it appear as if they were denote by a celebrity’s account. each video ends with a sped-up video of dagger doc diversion ripped from this unbelievably mid-aughts Kardashian lip synchronization and therefore the words, “You’ve simply been Krissed,” that means the news isn’t real and haha, you believed it! As if there wasn’t enough info whirling around TikTok already.

#Krissed videos area unit generally pretty short, thus it becomes obvious fairly quickly that the claims they’re creating aren’t true. i suppose this one was notably convincing, though: a compilation of image mental imagery Photoshopped to appear adore it was denote by Zendaya and her friends with overlaid text announcing: “OMG ZENDAYA AND HER FRIENDS simply declared THAT SHE IS PREGNANT AND labeled  TOM The Netherlands.” It is, of course, followed by the clip of doc with the words, “SIKE you simply GOT #KRISSED.”

Apparently not everybody waited to end the video judgment by the very fact that “Zendaya pregnant” was concisely trending on Twitter Tuesday night. Zendaya and The Netherlands have nevertheless to handle the rumor publically, however only if the supply of the rumor confesses it’s not true, they most likely don’t ought to. It feels safe to assume they're still at the “cute Instagram posts” part of their relationship.

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