13 year old boy robbed at gunpoint video twitter


Things are not fine in America we seen from last some months crime rate is very high in America and very big accident happened most of teenager involved to commit these kind of crime.

We seen in NewYork buffalo supermarket and also recently in Texas Elementary school these are very big accident and all of it under investigation but government need to spot selling the weapons to everyone.

12 year old kid arrested this week for an incident that happened in a Hartford market. Where this boy carry a gun and commit robbery. Local Authorities arrested this kid.

As we can see in the video he entered in market with his bag and he hiding a pistol in bag when man left the counter he point the gun to clerk and said put money in the bag lady bring money and put in his bag in all this situation he also fire a shot up in ceiling.

When he get is thing you are out of the store peacefully like nothing happened but it was not long because after sometime he was picked up by the police and arrested for multiple charges including robbery, assaulting and also discharge of firearm.

After arrested police store that it discuss is plan with his school friend and this gun is belong to his father is still that gun from is father safe now he is in police custody nothing bad happen in this case but this is all recorded by camera and this is very worried situation that these kids with weapon they can do everything they can also hurt people so please be locked your weapons in safe where has no one access except you.

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