Cyan Boujee and Bramzey Riches domestic video viral Photos and Videos of Domestic Abuse That Go Viral


Cyan Boujee and Bramzey Riches domestic video Domestic Abuse Viral Videos and Photos: Since a few days ago. Cyan Boujee, the social media influencer, and Bramzey Riches, who is said to be her boyfriend, have popular on social media sites. Boujee shared one of the posts on her social media account on July 15. Talked about how her ex-boyfriend treated her, saying that he abusive. Check for more news.

Recently, Cyan Boujee and her boyfriend have getting a lot of attention on social media sites after it was reported that they were involved in an assault and abuse. Cyan Boujee and her boyfriend, Bramzey Riches, are now in a tough spot. Because of what Bramzey Riches did to Cyan Boujee, they are both in a tough spot.

On July 15, Cyan Boujee said on her social media accounts that her boyfriend, Bramzey Riches, had hit and hurt her. In the statement, Cyan Boujee said that her ex-boyfriend, Bramzey Riches, couldn’t get over the fact that they broke up. When he found out that Cyan Boujee dating someone else, he went to meet her and started beating her up.


Cyan Boujee posted her statement on her social media account, saying that her boyfriend, Bramzey Riches, hurt her physically. Cyan Boujee said that her boyfriend had not accepted that they were no longer together and had not moved on. When Bramzey Riches heard that Cyan Boujee looking for a new partner, he went to her and started beating and abusing her. On the other hand, Bramzey Riches is in jail because Cyan Boujee filed a complaint against him.

Cyan Boujee’s statement is quickly going viral on social media. Many people have responded to it by saying that Bramzey’s behavior should never be done to a girl or a boy in those circumstances.


Cyan Boujee is one of the most well-known people from South Africa who use social media to influence people. She is also a model, a make-up artist, a YouTuber, an entrepreneur, and a person who helps people in need. On December 10, 2019, Cyan Boujee started her YouTube channel. On the YouTube channel of social media influencer Cyan Boujee. People usually get to see make-up tutorials and beauty tips that feature different brands. Cyan Boujee tells her fans and viewers about great products in both her YouTube videos and on her Instagram account. Cyan Boujee usually puts a lot of her photos on her Instagram account.

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