Félix and Bernabé video is getting a lot of attention on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.


The video of Félix and Bernabé gets a lot of attention on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Age, Instagram, and other sites. The best thing you can do for yourself is to not watch that Narco video, which is very harsh, as the title of this post also says. We’re going to tell you something really interesting in this article, so you might want to go to the movies. 

In the main part of the movie, we see how two Sinaloa members killed and have their heads cut off. But using the hunting knife to talk about the situation in terms of the chains or something else is pretty scary for everyone. The most recent and complete information on the social media platform’s most popular video. So, the whole video starts with the two people who are acting like Felix and Gamez. If you want to learn more about the show, you can follow Félix and Bernabé by newztunnel.com


Garcia and his uncle Bernabe Gamez Castro also shown to the group. As everything going on, Felix was saying that, as a member of the Sinaloa cartel, he had involved in drug smuggling and had used drugs while living in the United States. Because it showed a chain, it was kind of scary for people who use knives. If you’ve seen the video where the poor person who chosen was put in chains and died with less pain, you’ll notice that the other person was holding a knife. We could hear him gasping for air as his husband and wife tried to help him, but it was a very long time before he finally took his last breath and died. Outside of the room, which was also called the Adobe room, there a statue of Buddha. What do they go by?


When they started talking about their clothes, all they had on was jeans and no shirt. Bernabe, on the other hand, is said to have worked for Sinaloa for a while, but they didn’t pay him the whole amount he expecting on the last day because they were only paying him 300 pesos when he was doing the last task. After letting him have the last word, they put the captive’s neck in the hole and started cutting off his head. This caused a lot of blood to spill over that particular area. When he killed, Barnabas was about to go up to Felix with the knife and cut off his head.

The knife cut Félix and Bernabé, but he let it happen and didn’t fight it at all, so he didn’t have to go through any pain. But talking about that situation was slow and took a long time. Because of this, we could say that easy money eventually comes along, just as these two people already dead when they were killed by people involved in the drug trade. The Video of Félix and Bernabé That Went Viral Full details


Bernabé Gámez Castro and Félix Gámez Garca were both part of the Mexican drug gang Sinaloa. According to what has learned, they gave El Chapo Guzman “halcones.” From what can seen in the video, it looks like they were questioned by assassins dressed as military personnel.

They sound worn out and defeated. Their voices show how tired, hopeless, and worn out they are. Unlike what they must have thought when they joined the cartel, what they really want is just the basic right to exist.

In the movie, they talk about what they did as halcones and how, when told to, they took part in convoy rides. In this video, you can see the same sicarios that have been in similar ones before. They hold for about six minutes. Look up Felix Gamez Garcia and Barnabas Gamez Castro to get an idea of how crazy the Mexican cartel is.


Bernabé, Félix Y. On the video, a chainsaw used to cut off the heads of two people. In the video, you can see Félix Gamez Garcá and Bernabé Gamez Castro, who are both part of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel. This video is one of the most scary things you can find online right now.

They had also worked as halcones for the cartel in the past. Not only did they share a common ancestor, but they also had other lines in common. The first person was the other person’s uncle. The bloody video shows how the two cartel members killed. Someone always asks them questions, and they always answer them. But they know that there is no chance that they will still be alive when the conversation is over.

After a while, someone with a chainsaw walks up to them and starts cutting the victims’ heads off of their bodies. And the people had the nerve to record the whole thing on video and then share it on social media.

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