How Old Is Gretchen Evans? Army Sergeant Veteran Receives Pat Tillman Award At ESPY

 Gretchen Evans served in the US Army for 27 years, rising to the position of command sergeant major.

Under heavy mortar bombardment and while attempting to get her troops to safety in Afghanistan, Gretchen Evans was propelled headfirst into a bunker.

When she awoke a few days later with a traumatic brain injury and a permanent hearing loss, her 27-year military career came to an end.

She worked hard to transfer her tenacity to the civilian realm, where she is now a community activist, mentor, and coach.

How Old Is Gretchen Evans? Army Sergeant Veteran Receives Pat Tillman Award At ESPY

Gretchen Evans appears to be 61 years of age based on her appearance. In 2006, Gretchen Evans, an Army Command Sergeant Major, visited soldiers in a far-off location.

She has worked extremely hard and recently won the Pat Tillman Award at the ESPYs, which is a very gratifying occasion.

She was in charge of all Army ground operations in Afghanistan at the time and had a distinguished 27-year Army career. A storm of mortar fire suddenly greeted her and her coworkers.

One of the explosives fell nearby, sending her flying into a concrete wall. Two more soldiers who were surrounding her perished instantly. She made it.

After being transferred to a military hospital in Germany, she quickly learned the full extent of her injuries. She sustained several wounds, including shrapnel wounds, PTSD, a brain injury, and total hearing.

She endured a challenging 18 months of protracted therapy. However, Evans has since recovered and is leading a busy life.

Who Is Gretchen Evans? Her  Wikipedia

Gretchen Evans, one of three siblings, was raised in Abilene, Texas. She did not come from a military family, although her father had fought in the conflict.

After graduating from high school, she decided to attend Texas Tech, but she quickly realized that the prohibitively expensive tuition posed a serious financial challenge.

She decided to enlist in the Army after a four-year service commitment so she could finish her education with the military paying for it as a benefit.

But a weird thing occurred along the way—she started falling in love with the Army. She realized she had found her purpose six months later.

Gretchen Evans Career & Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Gretchen Evans also makes an appearance as one of four female combat veterans in a play created by Jonathan Wei for the Telling Project.

We Went to War is a theater piece that covers the stories of the women as they are each narrated in moving language.

They have already given performances at the Milwaukee Guthrie Theater and the Library of Congress. In October, they’ll speak at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

By 2022, she is anticipated to acquire a $1 million net worth as a result of her successful career.

She continues to pursue her love of extreme sports alongside other wounded warriors. Gretchen and her “Unbroken” team attended the “World’s Toughest Event,” a 671 km/7-day endurance competition held in Fiji in 2019.

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