Is Dan Bilzerian now married? His most recent post perplexes the internet.


Dan Bilzerian shared a photo of himself heading down the aisle. His tweet left internet perplexed he married or not.

Dan Bilzerian’s recent Instagram photo has sent his followers into a frenzy. The famous Armenian-American poker player, known for his flamboyant and wild lifestyle, took a break from social media. On Monday, he went back to Instagram, and his most recent post seems to have confused the internet. Follow newztunnel

Dan Bilzerian has silent on social media for several weeks, with his most recent post dating back at least four weeks. He, however, make up for his absence on Monday sharing a photo that his admirers wondering whether he just gotten married.


Dan Bilzerian teased his admirers on Instagram with a photo that may imply he married. The image of the 41-year-old poker player shows him well dressed in a suit, strolling arm-in-arm with a woman clutching a bouquet of flowers. The caption for the photo, which shows the two heading down the aisle, reads, “I finally did it.” The woman also caught on camera with a big ring on her ring finger instead of the usual white gown.

While Dan Bilzerian stated “I finally accomplished it” in the caption, he did not reveal any further details. It is unclear whether the shot is from his wedding, someone else’s wedding, or a photoshoot. However, the photo all of his followers talking, with many speculating on whether or not he now married.


On Twitter, one individual said, “Wait, Dan Bilzerian married?!?” “I’m not sure how to react.” Another expressed similar surprise, tweeting, “Dan Bilzerian got married?” and “The world surely coming to end.”

Dan Bilzerian is well-known for his raucous lifestyle. He frequently posts photos of himself getting up close and personal with the ladies. Users on his social media are struggling to understand why the 41-year-old has chosen to devote his life to only one woman.

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