Tucker Carlson reacts to Hunter Biden's business dealings: Whatever helps China, Joe Biden has dutifully done

Turns out, that's not a talk radio conspiracy theory. As a factual matter, it's a very real possibility, and if it's true, if that's what happened and again, many highly informed people believe that's exactly what happened, that would mean the Chinese government is responsible for killing millions of people around the world and would also raise questions, obvious questions about motive. Why would China unleash a deadly virus on the globe? To the American mind, that is an unimaginable thing to do, but the Chinese government thinks very differently from the way that we think, and here's why.  

The coronavirus reshuffled the global order. It crushed
the American economy. It made China preeminent. If
China takes over the world and that appears to be
coming, COVID will be one of the main reasons it was
able to. So, by definition, you would think we would
want to know where COVID came from. That's a
meaningful question, but Joe Biden doesn't want to
know. He ignored the report he ordered. He ignored the
findings of his own intelligence agencies. That's bizarre
when you think about it and if you think that's weird,
how about this?

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