Watch Booze Filled NYC Subway Twerking Party Video has gone viral on Twitter.


Booze Filled NYC Subway Twerking Party Video. A bizarre piece of news has come in about a bunch of individuals having a party and twerking on a subway. Many individuals are filming videos of them and are appreciating their performances. Many people are wondering, “What is going on here?” Some individuals are uncomfortable after seeing this conduct, while others are loving it and have joined them. In the footage, you can plainly see them swaying their bodies and performing twerks in the metro. If you want to see this video, just search for it on social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram. Booze Filled NYC Subway Twerking Party Video If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading because we will strive to keep you up to speed on all you need to know. 


As previously said, this movie is widely accessible on different social networking sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and others. If you want to view this video, just google “twerking chicks on the train” and you’ll find it. When you watch this video, you will see that these party animals are doing dirty things like swaying their bodies, twerking, and so on. The identities of these party animals are unknown, and everyone knows that they are just doing this for money. So, what do you think? Is it ethical to generate money in this manner?

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