WATCH: Hornchurch Stabbing Death Video, Leaked Viral On Twitter and Reddit:

The hunt is on for the man who has been seen in the stabbing video where he is seen stabbing a man in the Hornchurch pub video. The Hornchurch pub stabbing video has been getting so viral that you can’t even imagine. The man seen in the Hornchurch pub video had stabbed a man and it was caught in the video and was contained in CCTV footage. The police have now been looking for the man in the video as well. They were called after the stabbing in the Hornchurch pub took place and  the people in the Hornchurch pub had called the police.

Hornchurch Stabbing Video

The incident took place at midnight on a Saturday night and it was reported to the authorities as well. The victim of the incident was a 23-year-old man who had suffered many stab wounds and was taken to the hospital soon after he was stabbed in the Hornchurch pub. The hunt for the man who is alleged to be the man who stabbed a man in the Hornchurch pub is on and the police are saying that they will soon get the man and be in the prison.

Hornchurch Stabbing Death Video
The pub is located in Havering which is in east London
and the police have been investigating the case. They
have even issued images of the man that they think
might have some connection with the man who was
stabbed in the video. Police are trying to look for clues
to find the culprit so that he can be judged for his
Hornchurch Stabbing Death Video
The met police had told in an interview that the victim
is not in any mortal danger and will soon be able to
recover completely from the wound. The police are also
looking to look if the victim somehow knew the culprit
in any way or had heard of him. He was taken to the
hospital via the emergency ambulance services in
London who were able to provide first aid to the man.
Even though he had suffered several knife wounds he
was not in any danger. We hope that the culprit will
soon be caught.

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