What Caused of Alex Schachter death? The Age, Funeral, and Obituary of a Dead Parkland Shooting Victim!


What Caused the Death of Alex Schachter death? The Age, Funeral, and Obituary of a Dead Parkland Shooting Victim! We’ll inform you about Alex Schacter in this article. He was one of the most well-known of the 17 college staff members, lecturers, and students killed in the Parkland massacre. Let’s find out more about him. Alex was just 15 years old at the time of the Parkland shooting.

He slain and seriously shot. As a consequence, everyone worried and concerned. When it comes to his mother and father, Debbie Schacter is his mother and Max Schacter is his father. When his mother died when he was four years old, his father decided to remarry so that he would have a woman to care for him, thus he married a new female. Follow newztunnel for more updates.


According to the source, Max Schachter’s son Alex killed in the Parkland school massacre. On Monday, March 5, 2018, he gave a news conference in which he blamed the FBI, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and Congress for failing him, his son, and the victims, as well as announcing the establishment of a scholarship fund in his son’s honour.

He reads aloud the tense messages exchanged between his son Alex and his daughter Avery, who looked up to her brother Alex. Only hours earlier, when officials located Alex’s phone in his pocket after he was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, did he get the texts. It is mentioned when he discusses Alex’s confidence in his writing ability after producing a poem for his English class. Later, at the 14-year-funeral, the little child’s father would deliver a poem.


Alex Schachter, the youngster who died, was just 14 years old. Max Schachter’s eulogy published in The Washington Post, according to his father.Max Schachter’s two boys, he said, were given a loving mother and two adored sisters the moment he married.

On day seven of the Parkland Shooter Penalty Trial, the state summons Broward County’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Rebecca MacDougall. She discusses the injuries Alex Schachter and Alyssa Alhadeff sustained. Parkland, according to Max Schachter, “was a wonderful tiny community.” My family and I arrived here. I had no clue this would happen to me. I had no idea it would happen here. Alex Schachter, a trombone player in the school marching band, excelled. According to the Sun Sentinel, the student’s improvement was motivating and remarkable, according to the school’s band director, Alexander Kaminsky.


In addition to him, numerous other people killed by the flashing gunfire. Following that, there were a lot of photographs on social media regarding the Parkland massacre, but a witness also surfaced. He was the glas excessive college blood pass, and he was conveying his views about the scenario after seeing his peers who were suffering from terrible gunshot wounds while there were still many students there.

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