Whistler Shooting Video – Brothers Keepers Gang Shotting


There was a video that showcased the streams of blood flowing as the bodies of the deceased were found lying on the floor. That video has been circulating and Viral shortly after the incident had taken place. There was also a video showing the vehicle that was being pulled by the police near Squamish.

Brothers Keepers Gang Shotting

The shooting happened near the Sundial Hotel which is in the center of Whistler village. The BK member Meninder Dhaliwal his age was a 29-year-old fellow who had close friend named Satindera Gill Accourding to the source, who was not even involved with any gang had ended up becoming the culprit of the shooting.


In these days, that there were a lot of arrests were made after the shooting incident in Whistler Sunday. There are many shooting happen on days, The shooting had involved a gangster from Brother Keeper as the targeted shooting had taken the life of his brother. The place where the incident took place was Vancouver’s Coal harbor and it happened last year.

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