Will Smith’s apology video to Chris Rock went viral on the Internet.


Will Smith’s apology video to Chris Rock went popular on the Internet, and fans’ comments and memes were investigated. We’re excited to share some news with you. The news is swiftly circulating online. Will Smith, an actor, apologised in a YouTube video on Friday for not allowing Chris Rock to host the Oscars live on television. Smith is spotted storming on stage after Rock makes a joke about Smith’s wife’s hairstyle. Follow our website, newztunnel, for the most recent information!!!!!!


He sat in the crowd and yelled at Rock after smacking him in the face. They warned him he couldn’t attend any of their events for the next 10 years. Smith was a well-known guy who received an Oscar for best actor for his portrayal in King Richard, according to the article. He resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences a few days later.

This is the Friday video. He is well-known around the globe as a result of his profession as an actor. He had a large number of followers. According to reports, the video is as follows: He apologised to Chris for how he had been behaving. He also apologised and said that he would always be there to Chris if he wanted to chat.


This video made me quite sad. He also said that while he was at Rock, the comic informed him he wasn’t ready. Rock did not go to the hospital after cutting himself with a piece of paper this week. Smith apologised to Rock on his Instagram account after the legendary smack. Smith’s first words to the Rock were these.

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