An Action thrilling movie Vikram Vedha teaser are realeased


In Vikram Vedha teaser we will see the two superstar Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan. This teaser get lots of views and people are waiting for the movie. 

This Teaser is 1 minute and 46 second long. The Directors of the movie is Pushkar and Gayatri. After watching this teaser people think this movie going to be blockbuster. People are love to watch the Saif,s role in movie and also gives a lots of reaction on Hrithik Roshan’s acting.

The movie trailer is most liked teaser in bollywood. In 8 hour teaser gets 750k like.


The plot takes unexpected turns as a tough cop, Vikram (Saif), sets out to track down and apprehend a feared gangster, Vedha (Hrithik). Vedha, a master storyteller, assists Vikram in peeling back layers through a series of stories that lead to thought-provoking moral ambiguities.

Vikram Vedha teaser

Though many people believe that no one can replace Vijay, the majority believe that this is not the case. With Saif and Hrithik in key roles, the only thing that’s changed here is the addition of some newer, more personal elements. With the appearance of an action masala entertainer, we believe this film will be a huge success.

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