Bianca Blakney, aka Tiktoker Pinuppixie, is who she claims to be. Her Husband, Age, and Net Worth!!

She routinely adds hilarious material to her profile, such as lip-syncing videos. Her brief 1950s-themed cosplay film has been seen by over 3.7 million people. For the most recent biography updates, 


Pinuppixie has achieved tremendous popularity on TikTok due to the subject matter of her cosplay videos, which stress dressing up in historical costume and living a vintage lifestyle.

Since capturing the attention of so many internet users, the young woman now has an amazing 10,4 million followers on the website that releases videos.

Her celebrity has skyrocketed, just like it has on other social media sites where she has a big fan following.

Young Bianca Blakney is a well-known TikTok user who goes by the handle @Pinuppixie and competes ferociously with many other users.

The majority of what she shares with her TikTok admirers are breathtaking photos she took while participating in photo shoots. The incredible elderly woman, who is just 24 years old, has an Instagram account full of antique photographs.

Bianca soon rose to prominence on Instagram as a result of her constant efforts.


There is no proof of a Bianca Blakney user account on the Onlyfans site. She also has 347 thousand Instagram followers under the nickname “pinuppixietm,” which has contributed to her overall achievement in gaining renown.

Bianca Blakney never misses an opportunity to provide her followers with intriguing new content, which generally takes the shape of photographs of her dressed in a variety of stunning clothes.

She has a fantastic sense of style and is a talented social media personality as we browse her many social media platforms.


Bianca Blakney, a TikTok star, was born on November 25, 1997, making her 24 years old.

Due to the 10.4 million users who adore Bianca’s dance videos, voiceovers, and lip-syncing to well-known songs, she has a large following on TikTok. She goes under the moniker Pinuppixie on the internet.

From watching Pinuppixie’s films, she uses them to showcase her talent and inventiveness. She also started the Pinup Pixie YouTube channel. According to her TikTok profile, she has been wearing vintage since at least 2017.

On July 9, 2020, Blankey began uploading videos to her YouTube channel, talking about home tours, clothing hauls, and other hilarious material. Her YouTube channel has about 4,000 subscribers who frequently watch her videos.


Bianca Blakney, a stage name for Bianca Blakney, shared a picture of herself with a male companion on her TikTok account. She identified the male companion as her husband in the caption.

There aren’t any rumours going around, though, about her previous relationships or affairs. She kept her love relationships very private.

However, she still posted a picture of a man with the caption, “My handsome and bright husband?” He is an improved version of me in every way. How cute is that little face, too, by the way?

Blakney has a close bond with her family, which is quite strong. According to specific web sources, she is purportedly the stepmother of two kids, Jack and Jasmine. It should not be a surprise that she is married as a result.

Additionally, she hasn’t provided any information about her husband’s name or personal data. We will go into more detail about her prior relationships and how important they were to her over the coming days.


Bianca is a social media star who gained notoriety from the videos she produced for the TikTok app. Her net worth is estimated to be around $600,000, according to sources.

Across all of her social media channels, Bianca has amassed millions of followers, and the money she makes from her TikTok videos is sizable. Tiktok is her primary source of income, but she also earns extra cash by advertising brands on social networking sites.

The TikTok star invested her money in a healthy lifestyle. She astounded millions of viewers when she performed “Thriller” in a TikTok video while dressed as Michael Jackson.

Pinuppixie has a sizable fan base, indicating that she generates a respectable income. She will also soon have a sizable net worth due to the growth of her fan base on July 22, 1992.

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