Changes to the Tokyo Revengers 265 release date and time


Tokyo Revengers 265 release date have started to spread on the internet. All of the fans have responded to them on Twitter. Even though it’s hard to figure out anything from the jumbled raw scans. Fans have found some shocking and important information. It looks like the show will keep looking into Mikey’s past. As it tells the story from his point of view. In the next chapter, both the characters and the readers should expect to remember some bad things. Let’s read the article below to find out more. Follow newztunnel


The main point of this chapter is the relationship between Mikey, Takemichi, and Kisaki Tetta. The next episode of Tokyo Revengers will likely look. What happens when Kisaki Tetta and Takemichi join the Tokyo Manji Gang from Mikey’s point of view. Let’s take a look at how people reacted to the raw scans of Chapter 265 of the series. One of the first things people thought about was the cover of the chapter.

It’s called “Stand with Me,” and it shows Mikey and Takemichi in a dramatic situation where they have to face each other. Also, everyone in the fandom can’t wait to see the version in colour. They want to know how Mikey and Takemichi will act towards each other. Even more, some fans have said that Takeimichi seemed to like Mikey more than his fiancee, Hina.


The people who supported the Tokyo Revengers knew that Kisaki Tetta. Good at getting people to do what he wanted them to do, so they focused their attention on him this time. Fans reacted to the idea that the character might have been in charge of Mikey while he was relaxing in one of the panels. Also, Kisaki’s threatening look when Mikey eating made them think. He trying to control or manipulate Mikey in some way.

After this, people in the audience thought that one of the panels a debate about whether or not Kisaki Tetta should join Toman. Recent conversations make it sound like everyone is against Mikey and doesn’t want Kisaki to join Toman. As a result of the next chapter, the fans will once again go through some sad things. Fans think that Tokyo Revengers chapter 265 might talk about Mikey’s view of the Valhalla arc for a short time. Mikey seems to have gotten his Dark Impulses after seeing Baji die in one of the panels. Stay tuned to this space to find out what’s going on in the world right now.

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