Fortnite Lazy lagoon Bar – How to get it

Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 3 has brought back some well-known POIs. Even though Artemis is still the main map, Realty Trees other maps have returned POIs from older maps. Lazy Lagoon is one of these POIs that has been added back into the game.

To celebrate the return of the famous POI, the developers gave players the task of gathering bars at Lazy Lagoon. Players can finish the task quickly by landing at the POI and picking up gold bars from floor loot and cash registers. In Fortnite, players can also break furniture to get gold bars.

The challenge is part of Seasonal Weekly Quests’ 12th installment. Players will get seven quests similar to past weekly challenges, giving them a total of 105,000 XP. The players will also be given two more tasks.

How to make it easy to get Gold Bars at Lazy Lagoon in Fortnite

This is one of the easier weekly challenges in Fortnite this season. It’s pretty easy, and the task description gives enough information for players to figure it out. This is how easy it is for players to finish the challenge:

  • Players should land at Lazy Lagoon at the start of a match. Players can also land where they want and move toward the POI later.
  • Once a player has landed, they should get the main weapon.
  • After getting a weapon, the player must look for cash registers and loot chests. Cash registers can be found in stores and gas stations. In this case, cash registers can be found in taverns.
  • Players can also break beds, couches, and other furniture to get gold bars.
  • To finish the challenge, players need to get a total of 100 gold bars.
  • Since it’s not said, players can do this task in more than one match.

Lazy Lagoon Guide

Aside from the method already mentioned, there are a few other ways for players to finish the task. Players can kill other players and take the gold bars they have collected. But this method puts you in danger immediately and doesn’t always pay off. This is a plan that players can use when they can’t get enough gold bars.

Gold bars are a type of currency that can be earned and spent during a match in Fortnite. With these gold bars, players can buy items, and ammunition, hire NRSc and even improve their weapons. In the game, a player can stack up to 5,000 gold bars.

This challenge is easy and comes at a good time. The Kamehameha Mythic was added to the game when Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossed over. People have been rushing to use this impulse beam. Since it is hard to find, players can buy it from Dragon Ball kiosks with gold bars.

The Lazy Lagon POI took over the Daily Bugle. Since the start of the season, the players have been waiting for this to happen.

The Lazy Lagon POI took over the Daily Bugle. Since the start of the season, the players have been waiting for this to happen. The POI was added to the game in Chapter 1, Season 8, for the first time. The most recent version looks a lot like the older POI. It even has a pirate ship and other things with the sea.

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