Gawd Triller is Death and Obituary, Whats happened to Youtuber – Gawd Triller cause of death


Rapper Blueface aka Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter started trending on Twitter when netizens wondered if the rapper had missed his son’s birthday and joined Twitch player Adin Ross for an April 28th show with singer DDG live streaming. Social media users joked that Blueface came to Adin just to “bully” him.

Adin Ross, formerly known as Adin2Huncho, joined Twitch in 2019 and for a short time joined the NBA 2K group called NBA 2K Always Excelling and joined LeBron Raymone “Bronny” James Jr. by playing NBA 2K20 with James to attract the attention of the Internet. When LeBron James was spotted joining her stream for a minute in 2020, her gaming lessons disappeared from the roster.

There are a lot of thoughts online about Adin’s livestream, mainly how Blueface joined the livestream and gave up on his son’s birthday, just to bully him and snatch Adin’s footage! One user wrote: “Did Blueface really do that or did he just do that to Adin? I just think his energy just drained the whole stream.” Another viewer chimed in, “How could Blueface miss his son? ‘s birthday, just to bully Adin for 30 minutes!” One user shared: “Blueface almost broke the Adin Ross chain live!” Another viewer wrote, “Sad to see Blueface bully a guy as awesome as Adin and not Use him. Use his platform and his supporters to promote his music and do anything for him.”

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