People are searching massively about the Hwy 22 Oregon accident today, Highway 22 accident today. This article will give you every possible information about the Highway 22 accident.

A fire truck that was coming to help also lost control and rolled. There were other accidents in the area, but no one was hurt.

Highway 22 accident today – Scurlock’s tanker was full of more than 11,000 gallons of fuel, but it’s unclear how much burned and went into the North Santiam River. Salem uses water from other sources until tests show that the river is safe to drink. The DEQ is working on getting rid of the polluted soil along the riverbank, and the ODOT is looking at the damage to the road. Monday morning, the Department of Transportation tweeted, “A contractor is fixing up the road for us. The crash caused damage to about 300 feet of road.”

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