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Kimmikka Twitch Clip

Kimmikka Twitch Clip Reddit explain

There are new video and Twitch community has seen its fair share of crazy, hilarious moments. From JustaMinx chugging a bottle of lube to streamers outright watching pornography during live streams.Twitch streamer “kimmikka” was banned from the platform after having sexual intercourse during their live stream social media got its and shair different wepsits and platforms.

Twitch Streamer kimmikka Ban

Twitch can be a wild and lawless place. In the last month alone, one man threatened to shoot a streamer during a livestream, whilst another creator had an unfortunate run in with the police after his chat wouldn’t stop playing fart noises. The classic ‘it wasn’t me’ must’ve been a real uphill battle. This latest Twitch escapade though has quite frankly left me lost for words. One streamer has had s…x tap condition live for all to see video below👇

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