kobe ​​bryant crash site photos and Leaked and Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube

kobe ​​bryant crash site photos and Leaked and Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. While appearing for responsibility, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy admitted in a courtroom Tuesday that he texted graphic photos of the scene of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash to a colleague. Follow further updates on Newsminatii.in

Kobe Bryant accident site photos

NBA stars widow Vanessa Bryant, Dep. Mike Russell made a surprising announcement.

At one level throughout his testimony, Russell noted: No, I do not find the discovery of our inanimate bodies humorous or attention-grabbing.

Russell admitted that while he was playing video games the day after the January 2020 disaster, he decided to ask Santa Clarita Dept. Ben Sanchez if he needed to look at photos taken in Calabasas, Calif.

He claimed that he shared the images to get out of the stress of the day earlier.

Special Deputy Joey Cruz, who testified Monday, presented the photos to Russell, expressing remorse for sharing photos from the scene of the disaster that killed Lakers Nicki, her 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven different people. In Russels phrase.

kobe ​​bryant crash site photos and Viral Video on Reddit

In closing his evidence Tuesday, Cruz admitted to a bartender at a nearby bar that he had shown the pictures as additional evidence. However, he disputed that he proved Kobe Bryants torso to various patrons of the pub, Vanessa Bryant’s security team has re-enacted a video of Cruz needing her cell phone at the Baja California Bar and Grill and showing a bartender friend ugly photos of the physical components strewn across a Calabasas hillside.

The emotional reaction of the bereaved widows to the video was the same as when her lawyers first performed it in the courtroom earlier, causing her to leave the courtroom in tears.

Another deputy, Nicholas Bonelli, later testified, recalling a conversation he had with Kobe Bryants assistant the morning of the accident.

It was odd not to hear from Bryant after the quick flight, according to Bonelli, who acts as a liaison between the cops and those within the station within the station. He contacted and testified to ask if there was any accident.

According to Bonelli, he proved a photograph of the accident scene showing a leg with fine pores and skin.

Russell further admitted that the three-paragraph document he wrote contained five false statements, one of which was that he claimed to have quickly deleted the images.

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