Margaret Urlich Death and Obituary, Kiwi singer – Margaret Urlich cause of death

Margaret Urlich, a 57-year-old New Zealand singer who passed very suddenly two years after beating cancer, was described by her cousin Peter Urlich as “the most beautiful woman inside and out.”
On Tuesday, Peter told Stuff, “It’s funny how everyone believes she’s my sister. “They questioned, ‘How is your sister in Oz?’ Finally, I just gave up. We will regrettably never see her again.

Margaret, a well-known solo singer from Auckland and a member of the women’s supergroup When the Cat’s Away, resides with her husband and manager George George Gorga in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Staff understand the severity of von Urlich’s condition over the past 18 months is well known among musicians and industry insiders on both sides of the Tasman, but has been kept secret at the request of the family.

“She was the most beautiful woman, inside and out,” Peter said. “She’s an amazing natural performer and loves to dance. “She’s blessed with a great voice. Her singing is so effortless and soulful and cheeky that she has her own space and voice that is instantly recognizable. “

“Her maturity sets her apart. Margo is super stylish and exudes confidence, but deep down she’s a woman who has to overcome shyness to stand out in a male-dominated industry. She does. If You look at her work, she has absolutely everything from Peking Man to Fugitive to Moon Boy.

One of New Zealand’s most successful artists, Urlich started her career as a female lead singer for the Beijinger band. She later joined the legendary kiwi band When the Cat’s Away, whose hit Melting Pot made her a household name. The band was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame last December.

Urlich’s ill health meant she was unable to join her bandmates – Annie Crummer, Debbie Harwood, Dianne Swann and Kim Willoughby – for their individual and collective contributions to the Aotearoa music scene and their importance in shaping New Zealand pop culture be recognized.

“Margaret was amazing. She was the most talented musician, singer and person,” Harwood told Stuff in December 2021.

“She’s so smart. But when she comes on stage, it’s like standing next to a prince.

“Margaret had this magic. It was in her – learned nothing. She was kicked out of the school choir because she was so unique.

“People don’t know she can play the drums, she can play the piano. She’s just the perfect musician, really, can dance. And she’s cute.”

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