Murad Merali feet video – What are the actual allegations – what happens in the videos

Murad Merali

Murat Merali’s Pagan Video

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Murat Merali’s feet Video

In a new video, the social media star has taken accountability but denies posting any of the derogatory comments shown in the screenshots.YouTuber Murad Merali is under fire this week after a number of old posts resurfaced and went viral on Twitter.

What are the actual allegations and what happens in the video?

When this video viral on twitter and social media” people are one discussion thst allegations allege that Murat Mirali is behind a disabled account on various websites called “arabmasterboy”. In these accounts there are photos and videos posted of extreme foot fetish content and race play where Murad allegedly calls people of other races insults such as a derogatory term for a Chinese person and uses of the N-word and “monkeys”. Photos of this can be seen (NSFW) over here watch more explained below👇👇👇


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