Murad Merali viral video has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

The Murad Merali, who conducted multiple interviews with Love Island cast members, engaged in “raceplay” and foot fetish stuff in a number of videos. Although he later denied authoring the racis*t remarks on YouTube.


In the s@xual role-playing practise known as “raceplay,” players recreate racially sensitive events, including slave-master relationships.

Screenshots with racist captions depicting Merali as a “master” with his “slaves” wearing gimp masks went viral. Although the writer has now denied posting them.

Viewers have matched these images to photographs of what appear to be the identical hotel rooms Merali had uploaded on his own Instagram account.

Merali admitted to having some fetishes but categorically denied being responsible for the “vile, racist language,” telling his followers, “First and foremost, the written material is not me, the nasty remarks are not written by me, and I will stand by that, this is not who I am.”

“Some of this stuff is also not mine, for which I truly apologise.” I also accept complete responsibility for how it appeared and influenced everyone’s feelings.

Not now, not in the last five, six, or seven years. But I am the source of some of this knowledge.


Merali further revealed to his fans that he had subjected to serious rap*es on many occasions while he was just 14 years old.

As a result, he claims, he developed various fetishes. They inspired to create explicit videos in order to make as much money as possible in order to get out of the predicament.


“People compose their own captions, combine it with their own photographs for their own satisfaction. Their own wishes or dreams, their thoughts, whatever they have, and put it together for their own mental fulfilment for whatever they have as a human,” Merali concluded.

He went on to say that the abuse “f**ked me up. He was having trouble getting it out of his brain

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