On stage in rural New York, author Salman Rushdie was stabbed

Rushdie’s agent, Andrew Wylie, said that the author is now on a ventilator and can’t talk.

Wylie said, “The news is not good.” “Salman will probably lose an eye.” The nerves in his arm were cut, and he was stabbed in the liver, which was hurt. “

The incident happened at the Chautauqua Institution, which is about 55 miles (88 km) southwest of Buffalo. Rushdie was supposed to give a talk there about how the US gives asylum to artists who are in danger of being killed in their home countries.

“Salman is in surgery,” a spokesperson for Rushdie told the news service Reuters.

In the case of Salman Rushdie was stabbed- the attacker has been caught.

The alleged attacker was taken into custody right away. Police found out later that the suspect was a man from New Jersey who was 24 years old. And said that people in the crowd tackled him before he was taken into custody.

Police also said that there were no signs of threats in the past. But, they confirmed that the attacker had a pass to get into the event.

Amour Rahmani, an Algerian writer and human rights activist who was also there, said, “I thought we needed more protection there because Salman Rushdie is not a typical writer.” “There is a fatwa against him because he is a writer.”

A state trooper and a county sheriff’s deputy were put in charge of keeping an eye on the situation.

Rushdie, who is 75 years old, has been getting death threats from Iran for years because of his book “The Satanic Verses.”

In 1989, the Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a “fatwa” calling for Rushdie’s death because of accusations that he had spoken against religion. Since then, Iran’s government has distanced itself from the order, but in 2012, a semi-official Iranian religious group called the 15 Khordad Foundation offered a $3.3 million (€3.2 million) reward to anyone who killed Rushdie.

In 2016, a group of state-run media outlets in Iran added another $600,000 to this pot.

Rushdie was born into an Indian Muslim family, but he says that he doesn’t believe in God. Rushdie went into hiding after the fatwa, but in recent years he has been out in public again.

In 2016, he became an American citizen and now lives in New York City.

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