Safaree Samuels Leaked video with Kimbella Matos explained


Safaree’s Nude Photos Leaked explain

Safaree is apparently the latest celebrity to suffer a nude photo “leak” that’s putting his girthy poon pummeling pipe on full blast. We (obviously) can’t show it to you here—but what we can show you is just how much women (and some men) can’t stop talking about the full frontal photo that’s got them gagging back to “Pink Friday.

What’s Safaree Samuels’ viral video 

The thirst is definitely real, and it’s not just social media users who are noticing that Safaree is packing. He received a lot of attention from former Basketball Wives LA star Tami Roman and she recorded a hilarious reaction video after she took a peek at his nudes — and she poked fun at all of the women who used to make fun of Safaree or called his music “corny.”

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