Watch: Lori Harvey goes viral after rumours of ‘alleged s*x tape’ emerge


Lori harvey leaked tape:

Lori Harvey is a well known businesswoman who works as a model and an enterpranuer. She is also an active social media user. Lori is an adoptive daughter of Comedian Steve Harvey.

Lori Harvey is quite famous among public not just because of her modelling profession but also because of her past relationships with famous celebrities such as Michael B.Jordan who is an established actor and also the rapper Future.

Lori harvey leaked s*x tape explained:

Lori Harvey is trending on social media right now but for her work or business this time. Infact the cause of her name being the center point of fans attention is an alleged leaked video which is reportedly a s*x tape.

The video allegedly features Lori Harvey and that’s why she is right now one of the most talked personalities on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Who Posted Lori harvey leaked video?

The person behind this new potential rumor is said to be a blogger. The blogger claimed that he has already seen the private s*x tape of Lori Harvey and teased leaking of the video into public. 

He even claimed that he has private intimate video clips of the star singer Rihanna and another well known female celebrity.

There are both possibilities at the moment. Because it is very much possible that the blogger spread this rumor because he was trying to make money by luring people into buying the alleged s*x tape from him. 

However fans are also unable to rule out the possibility of a real s*x tape containing their favorite Lori Harvey.

The blogger who set this trend has reportedly ghosted since then.

Lori Harvey past relationships:

Lori Harvey has been involved in relationships in the past and her love life isn’t a mystery to anyone.

The couple she made with the Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan was able to become a fan favorite couple and many other couples presented them as their role models.

However, to much surprise the relationship didn’t last long and they broke up in 2021. It was a huge shock for whole industry and fans who thought they were the perfect couple.

Lori Harvey remarked on her break up with Michael B by saying ” Michael matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long term “

Public reaction on the potential s*x tape of Lori Harvey:

The audience, as expected have given all sorts of mixed reactions on the latest ongoing scenerio. 

While some of the fans were spotted drooling to see the alleged leaked video, others played the blame game by saying Micheal Probably leaked the video as a revenge.

Some female fans even came to the rescue of Lori Harvey by criticizing male fans who were searching for the leaked s*x tape.

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