Watch Mariazel Video Becomes Viral on Twitter


Mariazel Video goes viral on the internet and social media platforms. Mariazel video becoming viral on twitter. The Spanish actress and host has become a trend Twitter,

The television host in Mexico has gone viral after recording a video on the beach where she shows some peculiar dance steps during her beach vacation.

Mariazel has 3.5 million Followers on Instagram account with handle (@mariazelzel). Mariazel has 7.8 million followers and 69.5 million likes on TikTok with handle @mariazelzel

Mariazel Olle Casals was born in Barcelona Spain in the year 1982 on September 9. She has a talent for humor and she is a super self-assured woman when she is in front of cameras, she has also managed to develop very well on Mexican television where she is known only as Mariazel.

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