What was the cause of Lydia de Vega’s death? Age, according to Wikipedia

We deeply saddened and disturbed to inform you of Lydia de Vega’s death. Her fans and admirers are all distraught and grieving her passing. According to sources, she admitted to Makati Medical Center for the last time. She passed away on August 10, 2022, at the age of 57. The news quickly spread on social media, and all of the major celebrities have expressed their sorrow over the tragedy. Some netizens are curious about the key causes that claimed the life of the renowned individual. Find out more about Lydia de Vega’s death.

For the uninitiated, we would like to inform you that sports legend Lydia diagnosed with breast cancer. Her health was fast deteriorating, and the dreadful sickness took her life. She had fought cancer heroically for a long time, but she had finally succumbed and returned to heaven. This shocking truth revealed by her daughter. Stephanie Mercado de Koenigswarter, via her social media account, and the story quickly went around the internet like wildfire.

“On behalf of our family, it is with great anguish that I announce the passing of my mother, Lydia De Vega,” Koenigswarter said in a statement. She later stated the date and location of Vega’s final breath. She also recalled her mother’s courageous struggle with breast cancer, and she afterwards prayed for her. Vega was also diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, and her treatment began at time. She was aware that things were not going well for her, yet she persisted with courage and a grin on her face.

The sports icon’s family also requested all of her admirers to help the sports celebrity manage De Vega’s pricey treatments. At the time, many important people and organisations stepped forward to help Vega. As Asia’s fastest woman, De Vega brought honour to her country. In addition, she won two gold medals at the Asian Games. She also won a lot of medals at the Southeast Asian Games in many different years.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer in 2018, the athlete last seen during the Southeast Asian Games opening ceremonies in 2019. Our hearts go out to her family; may her beautiful spirit rest in peace.

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