How to spend gold while surviving monsters in Monster Wars

Yesterday, the v21.50 update for Fortnite came out. It will likely be one of the last updates before chapter 3, Season 4, starts. It brought the usual changes, like a few changes to the maps, new skins and other cosmetics, and bug fixes. But this update also added two events. Rainbow Royale is back, and with it comes the Fall Fest Event.

The Fall fest event has many challenges, giving players one last chance to get any free battle pass rewards they still want or need.

The challenges are all about Creative maps, like Monster Wars, which is one of them. Here’s how to go to the map, finish the challenges, and do other things.

Monster Wars in Fortnite: A full guide to the Creative map

There are six Creative maps during the event, each with two new challenges. For the first stage of Monster Wars, you must stay alive against three monsters and spend 250 gold.

The map code is in the challenge description and the “Featured” section. This is the map code: 4164-3090-6037.

Players need to gather resources they can trade for gold and use in the game mode. With the gold earned, bases and other parts can be improved. Spending more is a good way to get through many stages of problems.

How to outlive monsters in Monster Wars & spend gold

Then you will have to fight a monster and its team. These are very hard to beat, so you must improve everything as much as possible. Monsters don’t always attack, so you can use this to your advantage and make them easier to kill.

The first challenge will be finished if you beat three of these monsters without dying. Gold spending is a natural part of the game, so this challenge is easy and shouldn’t be a problem for players.

Here are all of the challenges that will be part of the event. Each one is worth 10,000 XP in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3:

  • In One Shot Gun Game, you have to kill three people without dying (5)
  • In One Shot Gun Game, you must eliminate 55 opponents.
  • Get to level 20 in the Frozst Survival game.
  • Deal 1,000 damage in 10 seconds in Frozst Survival
  • Escape from three biomes in Escape the World with Parkour Parkour to Get Out of the World
  • In GO GOATED, you have to destroy 50 buildings.
  • In GO GOATED, you deal 5,000 damage to your opponents.
  • Spend 250 gold in Monster Wars
  • In Monster Wars, you have to beat three monsters.
  • Do three things at Rainbow Crossroads to get a reward (10)
  • Give Rainbow Crossroads 20 paint.

There are also a few free rewards for people who play Fortnite:

  • The loading screen for Taco Takeoff
  • Back Board Cuddle Kickflip style back bling
  • Above the Clouds is a weapon sleeve.
  • Another style of Back boared back bling

When players finish one, four, seven, or ten of the Fortnite challenges for this event, they will be able to get these.

These challenges are going on right now, and they will end soon. The event ends on September 6, so Fortnite players have until then to finish it and earn up to 120,000 XP.

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