shark attack that killed Americans Bull shark attack in the Bahamas claimed the life of a woman who was snorkelling

American killed shark attack Bahamas

American killed shark attack Bahamas Explained

Skippings said the woman´s family identified it as a bull shark. Local media aired footage that showed member’s of the woman’s family grief stricken as she was brought back to the shore “The victim, a Pennsylvanian woman in her 50s, was attacked by a bull shark off Rose Island shortly before 2 p.m. local time Tuesday, Bahamas.

Woman killed bull shark attack while snorkeling Bahamas

A shark attacked and killed a U.S. cruise ship passenger who was snorkeling in waters around the Bahamas on Tuesday,Harrowing moment paramedics try to revive Pennsylvania woman, 58, who was fatally bitten by a bull shark while swimming with her husband and kids at popular snorkeling spot in the Bahamas “American killed in shark attack while snorkeling in the Bahamas ‘woman was a guest on a seven-night Harmony of the Seas cruise that sailed from Port Canaveral, Florida, on Sunday.

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