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In a video commemorating the joyous occasion, Coolio, 58, held up his phone while it played the clip and showed the garish ten-figure sum. "Hey, how are y'all doing? He announced, "We just passed one billion. "I want to thank everyone for their support and affection over the years. He certainly helped me through some tough moments, therefore I hope I helped you through both good and terrible times. It never stops; it never stops.

Although it wasn't quite most of his life, Coolio's legendary 1995 song Gangsta's Paradise has joined the one billion views club 27 years after its first release and five after it was posted to YouTube. The title track from the spike-haired rapper's sophomore 1995 album, which was also memorably included in the 1995 Michelle Pfeiffer educational thriller Dangerous Minds, broke the Billie Bowie barrier this week.

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