Updates on the TI Son King Instagram account

T.I. says son King Harris

T.I. says son King Harris

Video of King Harris discussing a recent arrest surfaced on social media, prompting fans to reach out to T.I. and wife Tiny Harris T.I. is thanking fans for their concern about his son King after the 18-year-old revealed he was arrested. American rapper T.I.’s son King Harris recently opened up about being arrested. In a video posted after his release, King noted that a young lady in the vehicle with him received a violation for not wearing a seatbelt. He also stated that he “got four.

TI Son King Instagram Updates

T.I. joined the discussion. “If he godd**n keep this s**t up, his a** going to prison,” the Atlanta rapper said during an Instagram Live. “Ain’t no way ‘round it. Ain’t nothing Ima be able to do about it,” he said. The “Live Your Life” artist continued, “‘Cause I know that energy. I was that energy.

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