Viral video of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner with a man brandishing a gun at the vice president of Argentina


Cristina Fernandez Viral Video:

Social organizing destinations are presently the center of a plenty of controve*rsies, and nearly continuously, these opposing activities have lethal results. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the bad habit president of Argentina, was as of late debilitated in an death endeavor with a pistol pointed straightforwardly in her course. Uncounted individuals started criticizing the defaulter who carried out the exploi*t in such a way as to murder the bad habit president as before long as the news begun spreading on social organizing locales. A video of the occurrence was moreover dischargedYou’ll learn all you wish to know, as well as a few astounding data, below.

The bad habit president, concurring to insider reports or sources, was as it were able to halt the assault as she made her getaway much obliged to her tricky activities. The defaulter had chosen to shoot the bad habit president within the thick swarm with five bullets, so she was as it were saved since of her tricky behavior. So that he seem feel secure whereas surging since no one seem recognize him since the swarm does not have faces. But Alberto Fernandez’s deftness totally changed the circumstanceclearing out the shooter significantly confused since there were uncounted available.

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