what is the differance between a activist and a mountain lion?

Panthers ar larger than mountain lions in most cases. though the animals might have similar most lengths and heights, panthers weigh a lot of because of their muscular structure. Panthers ar stronger than mountain lions and may put on over 100lbs over them. Still, size is associate ineffective thanks to tell these animals apart..

Mountain lions, conjointly referred to as pumas, don't roar, and a few individuals classify them with the little cats, although by right they're in reality massive cats. Jaguars could each roar and growl. each cats dissent greatly in this their coat patterns area unit altogether completely different (jaguars has rosettes and pumas matches a chromatic coat resembling a lioness), and their fierceness dissent greatly (jaguars don't seem to be terribly aggressive with the wildcat even less aggressive, pumas being additional athletic and swish than jaguars, although each are often in no time in running, jaguars having bigger jaw strength that creates them having the strongest bite force/jaws, than that of the pumas, and, although the jaguars don't seem to be designed to fight, the wildcat too method|is much} way lesser). And positively, jaguars area unit slightly larger and heavier than pumas.

Panthers don't seem to be a separate species, however it's a melanistic morph or variant of jaguars, leopards, cheetahs, and clouded leopards. Mountain lions/pumas area unit incorrectly referred and known as as panthers.

Mountain lions and pumas area unit constant.

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