Why Didn't Prince Philip Become King?

Why Was Prince Philip Not A King

Queen Elizabeth was the longest-reigning British monarch and people were quick to express their sadness on social media and outside the palace after the news of her death was confirmed. news of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II was confirmed by the palace and people were quick to look back at her relationship with Prince Philip with one burning question inside everyone’s mind and that is, why was Prince Philip not given the title of a “king”?

Prince Philip Not A King more details

As per the laws, if a female in the royal bloodline marries, her husband will not be eligible to take the male form of his wife’s title. This meant, that when Queen Elizabeth became the Queen, Prince Philip didn’t have to take on the title of King.As per Reader’s Digest, the reason Prince Philip never got the title of “King” was because of the British Parliamentary law that had been laid out in the past 

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