Jim Redmond's full video can be viewed here.

video of Jim Redmond on Twitter 

Jim Redmond's full video can be viewed here.

The Olympic father who assisted his son in crossing the finish line has passed away. 

At the age of 81, Jim Redmond, the father who was at the centre of one of the most heartwarming and memorable Olympic moments, passed away. Reuters and the British Olympic Association both covered the story.

The narrative opens at the Olympic Summer Games of 1992 in Barcelona. With less than four months until the Games, Derek Redmond, a sprinter for Great Britain, was attempting to recover from the injuries that had dogged him. He had undergone five surgeries, including one on his Achilles tendon. Four years earlier, at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, he tore his Achilles one hour before the race, shattering his Olympic ambitions. Redmond's quest for a medal in the 400 metres in Barcelona got off to a strong start as he recorded the quickest time in the preliminary rounds and won his quarterfinal heat.

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