Racist Bridesmaid viral Video – Racist Bridesmaid Speech full Video


Racist Bridesmaid viral Video – Racist Bridesmaid Speech full Video

Racist Bridesmaid full video

A TikTok video of a racist bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding recently took the internet by storm.TikTok user Tori, who goes by @browneyed_beautee, and the groom’s sister, originally posted the video, but when it started getting traction, the user made their account private.an extra bad Amy Schumer movie”: Racist bridesmaid video takes TikTok by storm, leaves internet shocked.

Racist Bridesmaid viral Video

The video has made its way across all social media platforms, including Twitter, and has already gained over 8.9 million views and over 11.5 thousand comments. The video in question starts with the speaker, who is apparently a good friend of the bride, getting geared up for a heartfelt speech dedicated to the bride and the groom.

Racist Bridesmaid tiktok Video

Racist Bridesmaid Video

She starts by introducing herself, and that’s when things start getting awkward. She needed to be promted that she knew the bride for nine years. Shannon continued by explaining that she doesn’t know the groom, Anthony, well, but the bride, Tracy, talks about him a lot.

Racist Bridesmaid Video explain

She continues with a fake eye-roll:A TikTok video of a bridesmaid giving a speech at her friend’s wedding and saying I’m not racist has gone viral on the internet this week. The latest talk on social media revolves around a bridesmaid in the US who, like many besties, wanted to express appreciation and support on their friend’s big day but it, unfortunately, went a bit pear-shaped.

Racist Bridesmaid tiktok Video

Her speech has blown up across different platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok before it was picked up by several media outlets.A bridesmaid’s speech at her friend’s wedding is the latest viral sensation on TikTok which attracted a lot of attention in recent days. The groom’s sister and TikTok user @browneyed_beautee uploaded the video on her profile which has gained 9.5 million views so far.

Racist Bridesmaid Video

The bridesmaid began her speech by explaining that she had known the bride for nine years. She then said: “I don’t quite know Anthony [the groom] that well, but Tracy talks about you non-stop. You guys are so cute together.

The speech was going well as the bridesmaid said: “You better take care of my girl because if you don’t, I know where you live” and sparked awkward laughs from the crowd. 

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