Sharks in Fort Myers: Trending Online Videos Sharks Swimming In Fort Myers' Flooded Streets During a Hurricane Ian

A recent video of sharks in Fort Myers went viral. In the footage, which was shot during Hurricane Ian, you can see sharks swimming in the flooded streets of Fort Myers. 

A 10-second video of a fish splashing around in the water was uploaded by Armando Salguero. 

On Wednesday, Hurricane Ian impacted the Florida shore. One of the most powerful storms to ever be observed in the US. Naples, a seaside city, was the location of dramatic television video of floodwaters surging into beachside homes, flooding highways, and sweeping away automobiles. A shark can be seen swimming in floodwaters on a Fort Myers street in a video that has recently surfaced online. 

A fish can be seen splashing around in the water in a 10-second video that Armando Salguero posted on Twitter. "Sharks in the water


 Hurricane Ian Has Sharks Swimming In Fort Myers' Flooded Streets 

Sharks in Fort Myers - Pictures and movies of sharks and other marine life swimming in floodwaters in the suburbs during severe storms are frequently used as hoaxes. However, a cellphone video that was captured when Hurricane Ian slammed southwest Florida isn't just another suspicious tale. 

A huge, dark fish with visible dorsal fins was seen swimming around a Fort Myers backyard that had been flooded in the footage. It received more than 12 million views on Twitter in a single day. People there expressed shock and made comparisons to the "sharknado" film franchise.

Dominic Camerata, a local real estate developer, confirmed that he filmed the clip from his patio on Wednesday morning when he saw something “flopping around” in his neighbor’s flooded yard.

Sharks in Fort Myers: Trending Online Videos Sharks Swimming In Fort Myers' Flooded Streets During a Hurricane Ian

I didn’t know what it was, but it seemed like a fish or something,’ he added. All my buddies said, “Man, it looks like a shark!” when I went closer to it.

He thought the fish was about 1.2 meters long (4 feet).

Experts couldn’t agree whether the video showed a shark or other big fish. In an email, George Burgess, who used to run the Florida Museum of Natural History shark program, said it “appears to be a juvenile shark.” In contrast, Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, who runs the shark conservation program at the University of Miami, said that “it’s pretty hard to tell.”


Twitter Reactions to Sharks in Fort Myers

Fort Myers has been affected by a heavy storm recently. But the people of Fort Myers are scared of the sharks swimming in the flooded water. The world environment is changing globally, and heavy showers are coming. Let’s explore some Twitter reactions.


 In the flooded waters off of Fort Myer, sharks are swimming. 

For some people, it may be thrilling or awful. The individual who tweeted the shark is heading to the backyard and posting the shark video as sharks are swimming on the road. Look at it below.

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