Junior's killer was assaulted in jail in the junior guzman viral video and junior guzman video on Reddit.


junior guzman viral video

Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz Murdered by Gang Caught on Camera, Suspects Appear in Court The mother of slain

how many times was junior stabbed to death

All of the men were required to have their trial statuses reviewed by a judge, and were told to expect to do an inner cheek swab in the next week in order to provide DNA for the case.

junior” guzman twitter

The translation in English is “abuser.” Court officers had to warn her about a judge’s order to not raise voices in the courtroom.

She also had to be admonished by officers after she was seen gesturing toward suspect Joniaki Martinez Estrella.

junior guzman video reddit

A variety of people in the courtroom told PIX11 News after the hearing that Feliz had raised the middle finger of one hand toward Estrella.

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