pokimane open shirt leaked twitter – pokimane open shirt reddit video


pokimane open shirt leaked twitter – pokimane open shirt reddit video

pokimane open shirt video twitter video

Pokimane panics after accidental wardrobe malfunction on Twitch streamTwitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys moved fast to delete a VOD after an accidental wardrobe malfunction during an Overwatch 2 stream.

pokimane open shirt leaked video

Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on the internet with millions of followers across multiple platforms and is widely considered to be one of the faces of Twitch.

During a November 15 broadcast, the streamer went away from her computer for a bit and when she returned, her shirt was left open, leaving her chest exposed for her viewers to see.

Hello, so I have a scientific question for everybody,” she said before seemingly discovering that she had her breast out.

pokimane open shirt leaked twitter – pokimane open shirt reddit video

pokimane open shirt video reddit

we have looked at quite a few crazy streamer-related incidents. These include robberies, life-threatening situations, or embarrassing moments where they got trolled by their fans. In the past, quite a few streamers and their fans have been caught using offensive terms as well.

One such incident took place and it involved Pokimane. Pokimane is one of the most controversial internet personalities of recent times, and has been involved in a number of sensitive situations. One of the most common sources of criticism is aimed at Pokimane’s enormous fan base.

Twitch star Imane Pokimane Anys

Despite this, other kinds of incidents have also taken place.The Pokimane fan who screamed the N-Word on Discord during a Live StreamIn the past, Pokimane has herself been caught using offensive terms live on camera.

Apart from her community and brand of content, she has often been accused of hypocrisy as well. Back in June 2019, a rather excited fan ended up using the ‘N-word’ on her stream.

In the clip that you can see at the end of the article, Pokimane can be seen asking for the name and location of a fan. Initially, it appears to be a mundane exchange, as the fan begins to tell her about himself, and Pokimane gets busy with a lip-stick.

pokimane open shirt video viral

However, the fans’ words concern Pokimane, The fan begins by saying that he is 19 years old, to which she nods. The next moment, he launches an offensive tirade at the top of his lungs, as Pokimane cries out in anguish.He uses the N-word, and continues to shout at the top of his voice. 

This catches Pokimane off-guard and prompts her to cry out in shock, as she struggles to quickly close the voice chat. However, it was already too late, as the fan screams out the word multiple times. Watch full video below👇👇

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