The Former Soccer Players Gets Caught in a Controversy of S€xual Images

The Former Soccer Players Gets Caught in a Controversy of S€xual Images

Some daring photos of former footballer Mauricio Pinilla were le@ked with a young woman who turns out to be the same lady who accompanied him that night to the “home“.

Journalist Sergio Rojas revealed in his online show with Paula Escobar that the influencer had shown clips of the meeting they had in the Pinilla’s house.

“I told them that she had any number of videos and photos of Mauricio Pinilla being intimate,” Sergio said.

“This behavior cost Mauricio Pinilla dearly, it cost him dearly, his work image. He was a very dear one of the executives of National Television and now they take him out, ”Escobar told.

“There he appears giving the lady a kiss on the fret, it is something that is carried a lot today in Europe… It is most normal, it is basically an act of love. It is called the hidden kiss, something that Luis Jara had also done with Natthy Chilena, ” he added with a giggle.

“These images are filtered by Natthy Chilena. She filters another one where Mauricio appears behind his friend making a little train that instead of doing ‘chucu chucu’ he did something like ‘ah, ah’”, she added, referring to the fact that records of a sexual encounter were appreciated.

“I understand that when this is leaked, the executives say ‘no more, we can’t have Mauricio Pinilla in charge of a program that is family-oriented,'” He further explained.

“How do you not notice? Of course, maybe his eyes were somewhere else, he had a very focused look on his target, but how do you not realize that the Chilean Natthy was taking photos of you? “

Upon This The Audience Gave Mixed Reactions


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