video of Darrel Brooks's sentencing - victims of the Waukesha Christmas parade speaking


darrel brooks sentencing video

Darrell Brooks is accused of killing 6, injuring dozens more when he allegedly drove into Waukesha Christmas parade Judge Jennifer Dorow broke for lunch early after Brooks got into a heated exchange with her for about 30 minutes.

Waukesha Christmas parade victims speak

When the proceedings resumed, Brooks was again removed from the courtroom and placed somewhere else. Brooks later returned to the courtroom and stared Dorow down after arguing with her again. You Won’t Hear Me Try to Argue Facts.

darrel brooks sentencing full video

Accused Waukesha Parade Attacker Tells Jury There’s Hurt People on ‘Both Sides’After the state rested its case on Thursday, Waukesha parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks, 40, delivered his opening statement.

He acknowledged that people died at the Christmas parade last year, but he denied that it was planned or intentional.“You won’t hear me try to argue facts,” he told jurors.

darrel brooks sentencing video explain

The fact is this incident was tragic. Very tragic. That’s not lost on me.”Brooks is representing himself against six counts of first-degree intentional homicide Wisconsin’s highest murder charge and multiple other counts. Watch full video👇👇


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