Chrisean Rock's dad punched Blueface video

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Rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock ( musician & influencer) wild relationship was the hottest topic on social media and blogs throughout the year with the couple showcasing their violent antics in public.
Rapper Blueface Wikipedia Biography
Blueface was born Jonathan Porter in 1997, growing up in Los Angeles and moving around the area a lot bef attending college at North Carolina's Fayetteville University on a football scholarship.

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After dropping out of college, Porter found himself back in L.A., hanging out with his friend TC4800 for a studio session. He randomly took the mike, rapping for the first time in his life.

The incident is said to happen a few months but the clear footage shows Rock's father first approaching Blueface and telling him "Don't do that.

Don't touch my daughter like that ever" in response

Blueface tells him "So You teach your daughter to put hands on me?"

The next footage shows a full-force punch thrown by

Chrisean Rock's father at Blueface as he retaliates but the crowd surrounding them yells to stop the fight.

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