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A Westerville Central High School teacher resigned Friday afternoon after a “To Catch a Predator”-style video of him began circulating among students. The teacher had been placed on administrative leave Thursday prior to the resignation.

Westerville Teacher Justin Christoff Resigns video

Justin Christoff, 29, a math teacher, shotput and discus assistant coach with the girls track and field team, and a defensive line coach with the freshman football team at Westerville Central, appears to be shown on a YouTube video titled “Catching

Predators on Omegle” making sexual comments on the online chatroom website Omegle to a young woman who is identified in the video as being 19 years old, but who told Christoff she was 15.

After another sexually explicit comment made after the female tells him she is 15, her video feed then suddenly cuts to a YouTube creator named Omma who asks Christoff, “Do you just not get embarrassed at all?”

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Accounts from people identifying themselves as current and former Westerville Central students have also made videos on the social media app TikTok identifying Christoff as the man in the video.

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The conversation captured in this video is disturbing,” said Superintendent John Kellogg. “The immediacy of our school and district leadership teams to address this situation resulted in its quick resolution.”Genoa Township police Chief Steve Gammill said his agency watched the video. 

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