Lottie Moss’s video leaked on social media

Lottie Moss, a creator and model, recently sparked a debate online with her comments about nepotism and privilege in the entertainment industry. 

As the half-sister of Catwalk icon Kate Moss, Lottie herself has benefited from her privileged background. 

However, her comments about the experiences of other famous individuals, particularly those who are the children of celebrities, have drawn criticism and sparked a conversation about the role of privilege in the entertainment world. 

In this article, we will explore Lottie’s statements and the ongoing debate they have ignited.

Who Is Lottie Moss? 

When she spoke out about nepotism and privilege in the entertainment industry. In a statement, Lottie expressed support for star Lilly, the daughter of Keith Allen and filmmaker Alison Owen, who had been mocked for being a “spoiled rich kid.” 

However, Lottie’s comments were met with backlash, with some accusing her of mocking those who are not as privileged as she is.

Lottie Moss trending Video & Photos 

The 24-year-old took her fans along for the ride as she made the decision to tattoo her face.She mouthed to the camera that she doesn’t care what others think of her ink. 

Uploading the video to her TikTok, she captioned the video: “When people say they don’t like my new face tattoo.” 

Looking directly into the camera as a tattoo artist got to work, she mouthed in the clip: “I don’t care, I really don’t give, I really don’t.”

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