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Rina Palenkova, a 17 years of age Russian young lady, serious self destruction in via train beheading. Her demise news followed an immense secret on the web in those days, and murmurs of those are as yet hearable. 

In the Russian city of Ussuriysk, in the Primorsky Krai region, it is believed that the Russian young lady committed herself by stepping before a quickly moving train when she was participating in the “Blue Whale Challenge .

Rina Palenkova Death: 

Mystery Surrounding Her Demise Rina Palenkova, a youthful and stunning young lady from Russia, has an ordinary youth. Be that as it may, no one saw it coming when she ended it all on , causing her passing.

From that point forward, suicides supposedly spurred by the Blue Whale hypothesis have been recorded in focal Asia, Europe, and South America. Her self destruction is by all accounts the primary such case in the United States.

One more high schooler self destruction that occurred in Texas toward the beginning of July and is believed to be connected with Blue Whale was covered by The Washington Post.

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