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Sofia the baddie dog video

Paeka Campos exposes Julie Sofia of The Bad Wiggies for allegedly saying the N-word

Just days after sharing her side of the story in a revelatory video titled “The Truth,” TikToker Paeka Campos recently released another YouTube video in which she exposed Julie Sofia of The Bad Wiggies for allegedly saying the N-word.

videio sofiathebaddie video

The 19-year old TikTok star has been embroiled in a social media storm ever since fellow TikToker Amador Meza leveled cheating accusations against her.

Her response video ended up garnering a significant amount of support online, with a majority of Twitter users slamming the actions of Amador.

Sofia the baddie dog video Twitter

However, her mention of the popular TikTok group, The Bad Wiggies, towards the end of her video ended up invoking the ire of one of its members, Julie Sofia, who released a video of her own titled “Clearing the air” soon after.

However, her major grouse with Paeka was related to a video that the latter had uploaded online, in which Julie accidentally leaked personal information about her ex-boyfriend.

Sofia the baddie dog video tiktok

Claiming that Paeka was aware of how “reactive” he was, she alleged that the former took her own time in taking down the video, even after being informed.

Paeka countered Julie’s claims in a now deleted 6-minute long video of her own, where she revealed that it was never her intention to upload personal information about the latter in a malicious manner. 

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